I offer 60 minute and 30 minute treatments. All treatments cost 50/30 Euro depending on length of treatment. These different modalities can be integrated into one treatment where appropriate ...

Holistic Massage

A gentle yet effective massage using essential oils to suit your needs. Deeply relaxing and restorative while still getting into areas of tension. Deeply relaxing and soothing to mind and body.

Deep Tissue

A massage using firmer, deeper pressure and slow movements to target deeper tension and problem areas. Good for chronic tension, stiffness and injuries. This massage uses different techniques to break down knotted muscle fibres and lengthen and stretch the muscles and fascia where needed.

Indian Head Massage

Ancient form of massage focusing on head, neck, shoulders, scalp and face. Stimulating yet soothing, this massage works on the top 3 chakras. It relieves tension and tightness in these areas and promotes anxiety and stress relief and helps mental clarity.

Sports Massage


A massage focused on particular injuries or chronic pain, tension or immobility. A variety of techniques are used to increase mobility, relieve pain and tension and help acheive better function of the affected area in general.


Treatment of feet that involves applying pressure to certain points that correspond to the bodies various systems and organs.  Treatment is finished with a deeply relaxing foot massage. Helps to bring body into balance and heal itself by clearing blockages. Induces relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using very light pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system just under the skin. This treatment boosts the immune system by encouraging white cell production and detoxifies the body. Popular with people suffering from allergies, chronic inflammation, pain  and fluid retention.

Reiki Tummo

Energy healing that is heart centered and channels healing energy to the body, mind and spirit to remove blockages and restore wellness. Gentle yet powerful form of healing.

Restore and Revitalize

A detoxifying treatment that is also rejuvenating. Start off with body brushing to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation followed by a back, neck and shoulders massage and finished off with some reflex points or lymphatic drainage depending on your preference!

All Treatments cost 50 Euro for approx 60 minutes.